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India is progressing but this is not due to its own resources or strength. It because of American support. The US supports states that work to strengthen the US backed international order and protect US interests.This American policy is not unique to I...

is, india, rising?

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India is progressing but this is not due to its own resources or strength. It because of American support. The US supports states that work to strengthen the US backed international order and protect US interests.

This American policy is not unique to India. America has followed a similar policy for other states as well. For example, Japan. America strengthened Japan economically after World War II, but kept it militarily weak. Another example is South Korea. China was also strengthened by the US in the past to prevent its alliance with the Soviet Union. Apart from this, Germany was also strengthened by the US after World War II, so that the US could dominate the affairs of Europe.

Until the mid-90s, India was outside the American sphere of influence. In the mid-90s, India did not become stronger on the basis of its own strength. However, US strategy for India changed. America adopted a policy of strengthening India against China.
America uses five tools to strengthen, or weaken, a state under its world order, these are:

1. Foreign Investment: The US directs its companies to invest in countries allied with American policy, including India. It started this process in India, during the time of Manmohan Singh and continues to this day.

2. Technology transfer: The US allows its technology companies to invest in countries allied with it. It gives them advanced technology. As an example Amazon, Google and Apple are investing in India today.

3. Access to global markets: The US through international organizations gives access to global markets to its allied countries. This is so that they can sell their goods and services in these markets. Both India and China improved their economies by increasing exports. This was due to the access to global markets which was enabled by America.

4. Military Assistance: Through military technology transfer agreements, the US strengthens the defense of countries under its influence. It does that today with India and the Jewish entity. Moreover, America sells its weapons, warships, missiles, drones and submarines, to such countries.

5. Immigration and inculcating Western culture: America facilitates migration for the people of the countries under its influence. It eases visa policies for them. Thus, the youth and entrepreneurs of these countries gain access to America's leading academic and research institutions. America trains these young people and entrepreneurs according to its values and western ideology.

Now the question arises that if both the rulers of India and Pakistan want to implement America's agenda in the region, then why India is developing with the help of America, whilst America is not helping Pakistan to develop?

Firstly, this is the American plan. It will strengthen some countries and weaken others according to its own perception of its interests. It is a lesson for us to have our own vision for our development and progress. We must not to prepare a road map for our progress according to the plans of other states. Our vision of development should not only be for Pakistan but for the entire Muslim Ummah.

Secondly, Americas refusal to help us is due to the clash of civilizations between Islam and the West. Capitalist liberal democracy is at odds with the aqeedah of Islam and the clear dictates of Shariah. The idea of freedoms that gives rise to acts like homosexuality and insulting the sanctities of Islam is in fact against the aqeedah of Islam. How can we expect America to help us, or strengthen us, when its international order is built on values which are against our aqeedah?

So, instead of devoting all our efforts to pleasing America and becoming an instrument in securing American interests, which our rulers have been doing for the past 75 years, we have to reject the American world order.

We have to devise an independent path for ourselves. We have to establish our own world order based on the unity of the Muslim world through the establishment of the Khilafah. Muslim lands are rich in resources, have large armies and a young population that will make the Khilafah a world power. Above all, the world order based on Muslim unity will be based on obedience to Allah ﷻ and His Messenger ﷺ and will be according to the dictates of our Deen and our values. So let us reject America's world order and increase our struggle to establish the Khilafah State.

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